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Action / Adventure Games

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12 Holes of X-Mas12 Holes of X-Mas
Pick your putter and go out to putt a hole in one.
25 Boxes25 Boxes
The game gets more challenging and their are a good amount of challenges to work up too. Sort of li
Agro VacationsAgro Vacations
A neat adventure game where you have to jump up th
Alien HominidAlien Hominid
Alien on the run, kill fbi agents and anyone who gets in your way.
Alien HominidAlien Hominid
Alien on the run, kill fbi agents and anyone who gets in your way.
Anika's OdysseyAnika's Odyssey
Your a young girl living a simple life. Until your dad sends you to the well to get some water, O kn
Artillery Live 2Artillery Live 2
Choose the direction and power of your bullet and then launch. move to your next position before you
Awesome PlanesAwesome Planes
Fly through fighting planes in the air and enemies on the ground.
Batman 3Batman 3
THE COBBLEBOT CAPER.Move your way through Gotham City, Busting crooks and beat up bad guys. CONTROLS
Battle For GondorBattle For Gondor
Take control over a small army. strategic roll playing style battles.INSTRUCTIONS-In game
Bomb Of Brave BoyBomb Of Brave Boy
Bomberman style action with power ups and several challenging levels.
Bomber man by PYROMASTERS. This rendition of the classic includes all kinds of power ups good graphi
Bomb your opp, ('Del' key is to lay bomb)
Bounty KillersBounty Killers
You're a bounty hunter choose marks to go after.
Bubble wrap can be relaxing!
Cactus McCoy 2Cactus McCoy 2
Cactus McCoy learns of an old west town filled with riches, make your way through 12 different stage
California Gold RushCalifornia Gold Rush
Explore mines full of unexpected twists! On the hunt for gold, artifacts and gems take care to avoid
Fight your way through each mario like level, along the way to save the cat princess. Use caution t
Combat HeavenCombat Heaven
Jet pack around blasting all kinds of enemies. Directions.. left,right arrow Move Left and Right
Simple but popular. Fly your helicopter through obstacles, using only your mouse movements and left
Corpses Of The Third ReichCorpses Of The Third Reich
Dark horror type game. Based on events from World War 2, this platform game has great graphics and i
Crash  BandicootCrash Bandicoot
You control a tank and your goal is to make it to the end of each level with minimal damages.CONTROL
Survive the zombie outbreak, place barricades, buy weapons, hire mercenaries in this Side-Scrolling
Death Unicorn DeathDeath Unicorn Death
Play as a rampaging unicorn and take revenge on the humans that took you to the brink of extinction.
Dexter Clone A Doodle DooDexter Clone A Doodle Doo
Help Dexter fence in chickens before they fly the coop.
Donkey KongDonkey Kong
Play the very first donkey kong in all its glory,
Drakojan Skies 2Drakojan Skies 2
Multi dimensional adventure game, very good graphics.
Dungeon DefenderDungeon Defender
Guide a warrior as he takes on enemies in this rpg.
Go into action with tactical fighting combat.Command your army and guide your commander in full scal
Escape From HellTowersEscape From HellTowers
Your a paid assassin on a mission to contain science lab patients who are trying to escape.CONTROLS-
A very advanced flash fighter game!
Evil NightsEvil Nights
Cast spells and sword fight in the full version of the mid evil adventure game. In game instruction
Flood RunnerFlood Runner
run, jump, double-jump, glide and kick your way through a series of creatures in this Armageddon sty
Gangster LifeGangster Life
Drive through the city gta style,and take on side missions.
Ghost WrathGhost Wrath
Float around and unlock new levels. Watch out for other ghouls and ghosts in this platformer. CONTR
Gunmaster OnslaughtGunmaster Onslaught
Get trigger happy and shoot everything insite
Holy War InvasionHoly War Invasion
Your a space captain in an overhead view war. With machine guns handy adventure through alien landsc
Ice RacerIce Racer
Maneuver and climb your way over icy hills in your monster truck. CONTROLS-UP arrow=forward,DOWN a
Drive your tank into the incoming missles and use your bounce to crash into enemies and kill them.
Inquisitive DaveInquisitive Dave
Use your wits to get out of the castle.
Jak 3Jak 3
Side scrolling adventure based on the original console series. Controls-Arrow keys to move , space
Dodge critters, blow things up, bomberman style.
Dodge critters, blow things up, bomberman style.
Koopas RevengeKoopas Revenge
Turn the tables and play as the bad guy Koopa
Light People On FireLight People On Fire
Get some aggression out torching people
Lord Of The Rings BattleLord Of The Rings Battle
Battle with Characters from the movie Lord of The Rings.
Lord Of The Rings BattleLord Of The Rings Battle
Battle with Characters from the movie Lord of The Rings.
Jump around on giant mushrooms, and crush crazy creatures in 12 unique worlds
Mario MonolithMario Monolith
A remake of mario 64, with the same sound track and feel as the original. If your not sure how to ge
Mario RemixMario Remix
Pick between three games, Super Mario World, Gradi
Matrix RampageMatrix Rampage
Of all the Matrix games put out, we chose this one, for a fast paced game to link out of your daily
Metal SlugMetal Slug
Metal Slug 3Metal Slug 3
Go on several missions through cities and advance to the next stage. CONTROLS -Left and Right arros
Moto RushMoto Rush
Guide your motorcycle through the streets, but watch out for the bullets flying at you.
Play as murloc in a world of warcraft style game. Controls-Arrow keys to move, spacebar to talk. Oth
Name This GameName This Game
Play as Meatwad and guide Karl through the hazardous city. Use your keys to change into shields lik
Ninja TurtlesNinja Turtles
Your wise master Splinter has been kidnapped. Fight your way through wave after wave of footclan sol
Obese Mario BrothersObese Mario Brothers
A fun much BIGGER version of mario bros.
Overkill ApacheOverkill Apache
Navigate your apache chopper through a war zone, stay clear of enemy fire. Blow up enemies on ground
Potion PanicPotion Panic
How to concoct wizard potions 101, and throw them at the baddies
Rambo Bros Rambo Bros
Mario bros but with more fire power!
Ratchet and ClankRatchet and Clank
A remake of the popular console game Ratchet and Clank
Ray 2Ray 2
Ray from south park action game.
Ray from south parkRay from south park
You probably have played the other two, why not have one more with Ray for old times sake.
A very well done game with a lot of red in it.
Robo Slug2Robo Slug2
Crazy weapons and lots of fun game play.
Robot DinosaurRobot Dinosaur
Jet through the air, torch and shoot the enemies of the robot dinosaur
Santas DeedSantas Deed
Its Christmas Eve and your Santa Clause. You must deliver all your presents before it is to late.
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